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The Great American Outdoors Act

Sunrise as seen from Sinnott Memorial Overlook at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

Yahoo! The Great American Outdoors Act has been passed! So, now what? How will that $1.3 billion a year over the next 5 years be spent, and who gets the money? Remember, there are 419 units in the National Park System.

The National Parks Traveler has an interesting article asking that very question. Go check it out.

To read the article, click on the image above.

As for that image, I had arrived at the Crater Lake Lodge area around 4:00 a.m. and realized it was too cloudy to get any pre-dawn star shots. So, I sat in the car for awhile before finally venturing out to find the steps leading to the overlook, then setting up my tripod and camera for Blue Hour, sunrise, and after-sunrise shots.

I used my Sony Alpha 7R IV camera and 16-35mm lens for this shot.

Copyright Rebecca L. Latson, all rights reserved.

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Getting Intimate With Your Photography In The Parks

For those of you who may not know, I am a monthly contributor to a photography column hosted by the National Parks Traveler website.  I share this monthly space with another photographer.  My April column talks about getting intimate with your photography (I deliberately wanted it to be a little bit provocative).  Check it out if you are interested.  And, while you are at it, go over to the National Parks Traveler facebook page and Like them.

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