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Photography In The National Parks: My 10 Fave Photos From 2021

The First Kiss Of Sunrise At Tipsoo Lake, Mount Rainier National Park (Washington state)

Everybody has a favorite photo (or two or three or more) they’ve captured in a national park, right? I certainly have mine. Today’s edition of the National Parks Traveler has published what was officially supposed to be my first Photography in the National Parks column for 2022 (but it got superseded by my Fort Clatsop article). Anyway, today’s article is a look back at my 10 fave images from 2021.

To read the photo column, see my other nine favorite photos, why I like them and how I got each shot, click on the image above.

This image, captured just at the beginning of sunrise on a frosty, snowy morning in Mount Rainier National Park, is one of those 10 favorites. For me, it was a culmination of trying to get just the right sunrise composition of this spot overlooking Tipsoo Lake, over which “The Mountain” towers. Sunrises are, of course, always gorgeous here, but they can often look waaaay oversaturated. In truth, that’s *exactly* the way sunrise looks, for maybe a minute, before the sunrlight then turns white on the snowcapped mountain. The colors for that one moment almost scream at the eye. So, for this shot, I waited for the perfect moment to photograph the composition just as the sun kissed the top of the mountain, leaving the rest of the scene looking cold in the blue/purple shadows of the morning.

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Spring – I’m wishing for it.

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year here in Texas, and the weather is pretty much perfect:  not humid, not too hot, not too cold.  The bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, spider lilies, and primrose pop up to blanket swaths of fields, boulevards, and front and back yards with blues, pinks, purples, reds, and whites.

At the same time the wildflowers are coloring up Texas, they are also popping  up in my favorite state in the whole US:  Washington.

I lived there for 10 years (Seattle), I have family there, and I hope to retire there.  I try to make it out to WA to visit family and favorite sights every year, but last year (2011) I didn’t make it because of my big Ireland trip (see my previous posts about that trip).  I generally like to visit Washington in April, to celebrate my and my brother-in-law’s birthdays.  I also like to visit during that month because my bro-in-law is a flower grower extraordinnaire and their front, side, and back yards sport tulips, daffodils, iris, and other spring flowers of every shape, kind, and color grow-able in that state.

Since the flowers are not in bloom yet down here (it’s January 21 as of this post), I’ve been digging through my spring flower photos (I’ve got a pretty large archive of stuff through which to dig) and thought I would post these reminders of the season in which I was born.

For most of these images, I used a macro lens or a wide-angle lens, depending on how I wanted to  capture the images.  The cameras vary, from the Mamiya medium-format images and Canon film cameras (which were then scanned years ago to digital format) to a Nikon D70 and D40X to the Canon 5D and 5D Mark II.

Spring is not only lovely in color, but in monochrome as well.

Spring – I’m wishing for it.

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