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Photography In The National Parks: Getting Great Smartphone Shots – Part 1

I admit to being an SLR-kind of gal, but I also admit that the smartphone camera is an amazing piece of technology and people are getting all sorts of really cool shots with their smartphones.

So in today’s edition of the National Parks Traveler is my article about getting great smartphone (well, iPhone) shots using the photos I captured with my iPhone during the 3.5-mile hike of the Naches Peak Loop Trail at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state.

To read this article, click on the image above.

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A Year Ago Today


One year ago, today, I watched the movers load up my stuff and leave to put it in their temporary storage. I, in turn, hopped into my little car and began my almost-3-week road trip adventure to central Washington, stopping at 5 national parks and 1 national recreation area before finally arriving at my destination. It took me 2 days to get out of Texas (the drive from Houston to Amarillo was long, hot, humid, and boring, and all my Hershey chocolate bars melted, but I was glad it was interstate). When I crossed into the New Mexico border, I burst out crying from happiness.



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