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Saturday Evening on Big Slough

Evening At Big Slough

Today (Saturday), I won’t be going outside for any photography. It’s a typical hot, hazy blue-white sky with no clouds (clouds make for interesting images and I may have to post a blog about that).

Instead, I will be cooking (lots). I save my weekends for bulk cooking, the results of which I then package up and put in the fridge for the coming work week’s lunches. I’ll also be picking up my spare bedroom and uploading more photos to the U.S. Copyright Office.

So, I must content myself this weekend with images such as this one, taken on a Saturday evening during the 2012 Memorial Day weekend overlooking the body of water called Big Slough (pronounced “slew”) at the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge.

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Morning Vs. Evening: The Changes To An Image

In my previous post about the Brazoria NWR, all of the photos  in that post were taken during the morning hours of 9:30AM and after.   The very next evening, the weather, sky, and clouds were perfect; I just had to return to the NWR for some evening images.  I used the same camera (Canon 5D Mk II) and the same two lenses (70-200mm and 16-35mm).  I tried to take photos of the same (or almost the same) locations as were taken during my morning shoot.  See what a difference the time of day, lighting, clouds, and weather can make to change the looks of the same image location.


7638_Big Slough View REV


7640_Evening on Big Slough




7666-2_Evening At Olney Pond


7635_Big Slough View2


7651_Evening On Big Slough


7675_TX Wetland


7689_TX Wetland Evening


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Evening On The Boardwalk at Brazoria NWR

Evening On The Boardwalk At The Brazoria NWR Center

I had published a post of my morning at this place and figured that was pretty much it. But as the afternoon then early evening progressed, I saw the day was still sunny and dry, the skies clear, and the clouds were amazing. So I hopped in the car and arrived back at the refuge by 5PM and proceeded to spend a couple of hours there.

The neat thing about this place is that it’s a bit out of the way for the Houston metro area, so there were very few people there, both during the morning the day previous, and especially this evening the day after. I saw a couple bicycling down the gravel road, and one other birder couple out with their binocs. And that was it.

This image was captured back at the refuge center. I was essentially looking directly at the sun. I had a circular polarizer on my 16-35mm lens, and also used a 4×6 Lee 4-stop grad filter which I handheld in front of the lens (rather than use a square filter holder, which I don’t own, I just put the filter flush with the lens and move it up and down accordingly. Works for me.)

This is a view of Big Slough, looking toward the Big Slough Trail. *This* time, I remembered to use some bug wipes and I had absolutely no problem with the mosquitoes at all.

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Evening On Elliott Bay, Seattle WA

I’ve been pretty darned prolific with the posts, I readily admit.  Probably because next weekend I doubt I will have a chance to post anything at all.  I’m photographing a wedding on the 29th and so will be readying myself and my cameras for that awesome event.  Hence, the reason for my prolific-ness (is that even a word??)

After publishing an earlier post about my Seattle 2012 stay, I found some more photos I took during that first wonderful afternoon gazing out my hotel window onto the ever-changing scenery of Elliott Bay.

So, here they are.

94C0003_Ferry and Evening Stormcloud - IMAGENOMIC

94C0008_Ferry and Evening Stormcloud

94C0022_Sun Storm Ferry IMAGENOMIC

94C0049-2_Storm Cloud Cargo Ship Sunlight

94C0169_Tugboat At Sunset

94C0113_Elliott Bay Sunset

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