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Let Others Know You Are A Parks Traveler

I won’t ever ask for money on my behalf, but I will promote issues and entities about which I feel strongly and support, myself. Sure, I have a vested interest in the National Parks Traveler, but even if I didn’t, I’d support it because I believe in it.

The Traveler is the only media organization, profit or nonprofit, that covers national parks and protected areas on a daily basis. The Traveler publishes a wide range of articles, including the most recent about a visit to Big Thicket National Preserve in Texas in search of carnivorous plants, the history of sea chanteys as told at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, the loss of Joshua trees at Mojave National Preserve, and the struggle Navajo artisans have had with closure of the Hubbell Trading Post due to Covid. 

No other outlet is telling these stories, daily or otherwise.

In the days and weeks ahead, among the stories the Traveler plans on posting is one looking at the increasing cost, due to additional fees, of a national park visit; another on the staggering loss of sequoias at Sequoia National Park and elsewhere; a piece that examines the uniqueness of Fort Laramie National Historic Site as a keeper of Westward Expansion history, and; a look at Catoctin Mountain Park, home to Camp David. There will be more in-the-park reporting, plus a continuation of the Traveler’s podcast series, which recently published it’s 113th episode!

I’ll be a part of the stories you see, too, with the Traveler’s Checklists, quizzes and trivia pieces, and monthly photography articles.

Think about a monthly donation to the Traveler, and you can choose from some pretty cool swag (see photos above) to show others that you are a parks traveler. To make a donation, click on the National Parks Traveler highlighted link, above. And, thanks!

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Now You, Too, Can Identify Yourself As A National Parks Traveler

For those of you who travel to national parks and protected lands, you can now identify yourself as a national parks traveler With a donation to the Traveler of $50 or more, you’ll receive an American-made Liberty Bottleworks double-wall water bottle with the Traveler logo and an image of Grand Teton National Park captured by yours truly.

The Traveler is a non-profit institute that needs your help to continue publishing daily articles (with no paywall) about our national parks and protected lands. No other news organization does that – they only publish articles about big issues that will grab the eye, like a person being gored by a bison in Yellowstone or falling off a cliff in the Grand Canyon. Not many organizations – if any, other than the Traveler – will publish stories about satellites being used for wildfire detection in Denali National Park & Preserve, or the Traveler Special Reports about climate change and invasive plants and animals within the parks, or how continued retreat of glaciers at Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve could force park staff to choose between protecting Johns Hopkins Bay for seal pupping or opening more of it up for cruise ships.

Make a donation, get a bottle, and capture a photo of yourself with the water bottle in a national park and the Traveler may publish it as a Park Photo of the Week on the Traveler’s website to show that you, too, are a national parks traveler and you’re helping the Traveler continue to publish stories about these special places within our nation.

To see where you can make a donation and get a Traveler water bottle, click on the image above.

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The Downfall of Local Media

A Starry SKy Over Acadia 2

A starry sky over Acadia National Park in Maine


Ok, bear with me, here. It’s Black Friday going through Cyber Monday and then on to Giving Tuesday, and here’s the part where I’m supposed to write a post advertising my calendars or my stunning images on my website (which is still a work in progress with cleanup and keywording). I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m using this post to advertise daily news about our national parks (of which I am a part and for which I volunteer my writing and photos).

If you’ve ever read any of my photo articles on the National Parks Traveler (www.nationalparkstraveler.org), maybe you’ve also taken a gander around the rest of that site and listened to one of the podcasts or read about things to do and see in national parks, book reviews, op-eds, and daily news items about national parks all over the U.S. and in some cases, in other parts of the world. Not every mainstream news outlet does that, and definitely not on a daily basis. Usually, CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times (to name a few) do that only with BIG news items or sensational stories. They don’t bother with letting you know about where you can make comments on something that might affect a national park near you or one you are planning to visit, and they definitely don’t go into any great detail. Heck, some of those big outlets even used the National Parks Traveler’s reporting to flesh out their stories (think about the Joshua Tree incidents during the last government shutdown).
The Traveler and it’s founder are award winners. Most recently, the Traveler received the Western National Parks Association (WNPA) Steward L. Udall Award for “work … carrying the park message to popular audiences and rallying broad support for the parks.” That’s a big deal and a big honor.
You’re getting that news for free – no subscription fee or paywall. And I’m sure you believe anything you read on the internet should be free, right? But there are hidden costs to providing you with national parks news: website maintenance, travel costs, gear costs, having to hire some journalists and photographers on commission in places that I and the other volunteer staff cannot get to. Really, there is only one full-time staffer for the Traveler, and that’s the founder and editor-in-chief himself.
If you want to continue reading daily news about our national parks and other protected lands, as well as all the other interesting items I mentioned above, then please consider making a donation. The Traveler is a non-profit organization so it’s tax-deductible. Heck, I donated to the Traveler and I write for the Traveler! That should tell you right there how much I believe in an organization for which I volunteer my time, writing, and imagery. And, you can donate any amount, from $5.00 on upwards, and you can make it a monthly donation, if you want. So, if you donate $5.00 per month, you’ve made a $60 donation over the course of a year. And believe me, every bit counts!
Think about it, anyway. I know there are tons of organizations that can use donations. Just include the Traveler in that list. And, thanks for reading this and thanks for any donation you make.

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