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Mesa Verde National Park Expands Online Tour Ticket Reservations

Last Light On Cliff Palace

Twilight at Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado

How many of you have visited Mesa Verde National Park? Have you taken a ranger-guided tour to one of the cliff dwellings like Cliff Palace, Balcony House, or Long House? It was pretty cool, right? Have you taken a guided backcountry tour to an off-the-radar dwelling like Mug House? You used to be able to only purchase tickets for these tours once you arrived in the park, but beginning March 9, you’ll be able to purchase tickets to these tours online! If you’ve never been, you¬†really should go. This is one of those national parks that focuses on, and protects, the architectural wonders and culture (as much of it as they know, anyway) of the Ancestral Puebloans, who dwelt in this semi-arid network of mesas and canyons for 700 years in 600 cliff dwellings as well as other ruins on the ground.

To get further information on how to purchase tour tickets, click on the Cliff Palace image above.

I went way back in 2012 and wouldn’t mind returning again. You know, the first time you visit a national park or monument or seashore or historic site, it’s always sort of a reconnaissance trip to familiarize yourself with the lay of the land. I think, if I went again, I’d notice other things that I probably missed the first time.


Long House

The approach to Long House

Balcony House Single Image HDR

Balcony House on a clear, sunny day, Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado

Mug House

A backcountry tour to Mug House, Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado

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Looking Out Over Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park

Looking Out Over Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park

I’ve made all my reservations and my plane ticket is purchased. I fell in love with this park when I visited for a day in 2011, so during the last week of August, I’ll be spending several days within the park again, hiking, taking guided tours, and staying in the park’s lodge. Then, I’ll make a trip up to Arches National Park next to Moab UT for a few days.

You may wonder at the new look of the photos in my galleries. A post about all of this will be following shortly.

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