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Tour A National Park From The Comfort Of Your Couch

Enjoying The View At Bryce Point

Enjoying the view at Bryce Point in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

What do you do when you aren’t near a national park but you are dreaming of a park’s gorgeous landscape, amazing skies, and fresh air? You take a virtual tour!

Published yesterday is an article I wrote for the National Parks Traveler about virtual tours available online by the National Park Service, with lots of links for you to use and tours to take without ever leaving your home.

To read the article and use the links, click on the image above.

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My 10 Fave Pics From 2019

Bridge Over The Ohanapecosh

Every January, I write an article for the National Parks Traveler about my favorite photos from the previous year. The number of favorites differ each year, and this year, from my visits to four different national parks, I chose 10.

To read the article and see which 10 I chose, click on the image above.

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Would You Pay $150/Night For A Tent In The Everglades?

Relaxing on the 40 Mile Porch

Trust me when I tell you, I’ve paid more than $150/night for a simple cabin (but with a bunch of other perks) at Camp Denali in Denali National Park. But, would I pay $150/night for a tent with a fan and a queen-sized bed and really, not much else, in Everglades National Park?

Would you?

The National Parks Traveler recently published an article about this $150/night tent and wants to know what you think. To read the article and leave your comment, click on the image above.

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Must You Visit A Place In Order To Connect And Want To Protect It?

Alone In The Falls

That’s a question asked in one of today’s articles in the National Parks Traveler. It uses Katmai National Park and Preserve as an example. I found it to be a very interesting, well-written read, and it not only brought back memories of my own 2013 visit to this amazing park, but it also left me feeling a little weak, as well. Personally, I don’t need to visit a place to care about it’s welfare, although having actually experienced a place does go a long way in getting a person to connect. I’ve certainly met enough people who have never ever visited a national park or national monument who could care less about its welfare, simply because they have never been able to experience what it’s like to be in that place.

To read the article for yourself, click on the image above.

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Where The Trails Take You Photography

Swan Lake Flats Late-Afternoon Scenery

Change is good. It can be for the better and open up new horizons.

I made a change to my living arrangements when I moved from Texas to central Washington, and I decided it was time to make a change to my photography website and my photography blogsite. No more plain old Rebecca Latson Photography.


Where The Trails Take You Photography

The web address to my blog is changed too, although if you still type in I believe you should be directed to what is now

My photo website address is or you can just click on the image above to be taken to my website.

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Yellowstone Journal

Yellowstone Journal

I’m a person who likes a combination of beautiful and useful. I don’t like just a coffee table book because people tend to look at the book then set it down, not paging through it much after that. Instead, I like things such as calendars, journals, post-it notes – stuff upon which you can write while admiring pretty national park photos. As such, I’ve finished my 6″x9″ 108-page Yellowstone Journal, a softcover journal filled with blank, lined pages and gorgeous images (which I captured, of course) of America’s first national park. It’s all ready for your own notes and doodles. Click the image above to be taken to my store and check it out. You can preview the journal (I set it up to show you the pages with images, but you might end up seeing even the blank, lined pages, as well). FYI, the front and back covers, when flattened out, give you an entire image of Morning Glory Pool.

This would makea great gift for yourself, family, friends and colleagues.

P.S. Expect to see more of these journals in the near future, in different sizes and formats.




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2020 National Park Photo Calendars


MORA 2020NOCA 20202020 OLYM

It’s that time of year again, folks. I’ve created three 2020 wall calendars and am working on a fourth, each centered around the national park trips I made over the course of this year. Yes, I know there are a gazillion gorgeous calendars out there. Just add mine to the pile.

What makes my calendars different from others is that many, if not most, of these photos, you’ve seen in some form or another, and you’ve read the story behind each photo, including what I was feeling at the time I captured the shot. Photography is about storytelling, and these calendars tell a story of my national park visits.

If you are interested in seeing what I have produced, click on each image above or on each calendar cover image in the left sidebar of this blog site.



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