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As The Colorado River Goes, So Go The Parks

The Colorado River At Navajo Bridge

As the Colorado River goes, so go the parks. Today’s edition of the National Parks Traveler has a fascinating article (with videos) about how climate change is affecting the Colorado River (seen in this image from Navajo Bridge at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area) and Canyonlands National Park (no, that’s not the Colorado River – it’s the Green River – but it’s in Canyonlands, hence the inclusion). It’s definitely worth a read. The last two, short videos in the article are especially interesting.

To read the article, click on the top image.

After you’ve read the article, stick around and listen to Podcast Episode 53, which interviews the journalist/photographer assigned to the Colorado River Special Report. You’ll also hear about Grand Portage National Monument. Makes me want to go visit that national monument for myself.

To listen to the podcast, click on the image below.

Green River Overlook Scenery

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Scenic Science In The National Parks, And Some Bison Management

Black Growler Steam Vent And Ledge Geyser

I just finished listening to the National Parks Traveler’s Podcast Episode #51. Loved it! I had the book on pre-order already and am really excited about reading it when it becomes available. And of course, I love bison. If I didn’t think the hummingbird was my spirit animal, I would think bison were. Anyway, if you like wildlife, botany, geology, or bison, you should give this podcast a listen.

Just click on the image to be taken to the podcast site

As for this image, it was taken during my atumn trip to Yellowstone National Park. It’s what I first beheld when approaching Porcelain Basin, within the Norris Basin area. Those two steamers there are, I believe, Black Growler Steam Vent and Ledge Geyser. Correct me if I am wrong. I was looking at a map of the area and they seem to be in the same position as the two named entities.
For all that autumn is a less-visited time (relatively speaking) for Yellowstone, this particular area was pretty crowded, mainly with tour buses. So I had to stand there a bit in order to get a clear, non-peopled shot. That gorgeous turquoise water makes me think of glacier-fed waters, but in reality, these waters are hot and would literally skin you alive if you dipped a toe in them because they are so caustic.
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National Parks Traveler’s Latest Podcast

Arches National Park Scenery

Every Sunday, the National Parks Traveler publishes a podcast about our national parks and the interesting things you can see or do, as well as the interesting things other people are doing for the benefit of our parks.

In this week’s episode, the Traveler interviews former National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis, who talks about his work with the Institute for Parks, People and Biodiversity and how the Park Service is dealing with climate change.

The Traveler also talks with Tumacácori National Historical Park’s Chief of Interpretation Anita Badertscher to learn about her park and what awaits visitors there.

To listen to the podcast, which runs about 50-some minutes, click on the image above.






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Sunrise Sunday

A Wide-Angle Sunrise

Sunrise over Padre Island National Seashore in Texas

Here’s to sunrise on the last Sunday of 2019. I wonder what the next decade will bring. Hopefully more national park and national seashore sunrises to photograph.

Speaking of national parks and seashores, the National Parks Traveler Podcast Episode 46 talks about looking back on 2019 in the National Park System.

To listen to the podcast, click on the image above.


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Our Threatened And Endangered Parks

Mountain and Road

Here’s something I never thought about until reading the National Park’s Traveler Feature Story, written in conjunction with today’s podcast. Global warming is affecting a lot of things, including the warming of old poop left by past climbers heading toward the summit of Denali Mountain in Denali National Park. Warming is causing that old poop to essentially slide downhill “over time and via glacial melt” right into the downstream watershed. Alaska accounts for more than 40% of the entire nation’s surface water resources. That’s just one of the numerous threats to our national parks. You may pooh-pooh the poop issue, but little things add up to much larger things. Just read the article. Makes me sad and also makes me glad I’m seeing for myself, and getting photos of, the beauty of the national parks while I can.

The link to the Feature Story is below. If you want to listen to the podcast, which lasts a little less than an hour, click on the image above to be taken to the podcast.

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Most Photogenic Parks, and Invasive Animal Species in Our Parks

The Road To The Desert

Where will that park road take you? Well, if you are driving through the park road above, which winds through Big Bend National Park in Texas, you’ll be taken to some pretty neat photo ops.

And, speaking of neat photo ops, I’m interviewed in this week’s National Parks Traveler Podcast, Episode #44, about most photogenic parks to visit (some of which might surprise you). The podcast also discusses the invasive animal species in national parks (such as Burmese pythons in Everglades National Park, and wild hogs in Smoky Mountains National Park, and even feral cats at Cape Hatteras National Seashore) and how the National Park System is working on the problem.

If you feel like sitting back for an hour and listening to the podcast (and these podcasts are quite popular, according to our stats), then click on the image above to be taken to the podcast.



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National Parks Traveler Podcast #41: Addressing The Backlog, Out In The Parks, Spaceport Secrecy

Reflection Lake Scenery

A Reflection of “The Mountain” on Reflection Lake, Mount Rainier National Park

I write and photograph for the National Parks Traveler, a non-profit media site dedicated to daily reporting on national parks and other protected lands. Since about February of this year, the Traveler has also been producing weekly podcasts that air every Sunday. Today’s podcast talks about the National Park System’s $12 BILLION maintenance backlog with John Garder, the senior director of budget and appropriations for the National Parks Conservation Association, interviews Moon USA National Parks author Becky Lomax, and offers up some thoughts about efforts to build a commercial spaceport just west of Cumberland Island National Seashore.

To listen to this approximately 50-minute long podcast (or download it for later listening), click on the image above.

Oh, and you’ll be hearing me on a future podcast or two. I interviewed with the Traveler’s founder and editor-in-chief yesterday about winter photography, and I’m scheduled to talk to him again about favorite spots of mine for photography in the national parks I’ve visited.



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