Our Threatened And Endangered Parks

Mountain and Road

Here’s something I never thought about until reading the National Park’s Traveler Feature Story, written in conjunction with today’s podcast. Global warming is affecting a lot of things, including the warming of old poop left by past climbers heading toward the summit of Denali Mountain in Denali National Park. Warming is causing that old poop to essentially slide downhill “over time and via glacial melt” right into the downstream watershed. Alaska accounts for more than 40% of the entire nation’s surface water resources. That’s just one of the numerous threats to our national parks. You may pooh-pooh the poop issue, but little things add up to much larger things. Just read the article. Makes me sad and also makes me glad I’m seeing for myself, and getting photos of, the beauty of the national parks while I can.

The link to the Feature Story is below. If you want to listen to the podcast, which lasts a little less than an hour, click on the image above to be taken to the podcast.

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