Happy Winter Solstice 2019

Becky And Her Snowlady CROPTrying To Straighten The Leaning SnowladyBecky And FriendBeckys Hand On The Snowladys Boob

My friend and I would like to wish you all a Happy Winter Solstice. The morning after having had fun playing in the powdery snow the previous day, I woke and the weather was warmer and the snow was wet enough (because it was melting, to some extent) for me to very quickly roll together a lovely little snowlady. I didn’t really have enough time to spend with the details – the mouth and nose are wrapped chocolate candy kisses, and the – er – anatomical details are a couple of baubles I took from the Christmas tree. I let her borrow one of my hats. Because the weather kept getting warmer, the candy kisses kept falling out. The tripod was set up and I used my wireless remote. I’d get a photo and then realize her nose was on the ground, or part of her little smile had fallen, so I’d have to get another shot or two. And then, I noticed she was leaning, like the Tower of Pisa. It got worse as the day grew warmer. By the afternoon, with a temperature of 58 degrees F, there was nothing left of my friend except a couple of small piles of slush. Ah well, we had fun in the snow for a little bit and I can say I was able to make my snowman – er – snowlady.

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2 responses to “Happy Winter Solstice 2019

  1. I’m glad you made a snow woman, rather than a snowman. I do not even want to think about what your snowman would look like. Looks like you had fun with the snow. I noted that there has been an unusual amount of rain in portions of Washington recently, but you apparently are in a colder place than where the rain came.

    • OMG, Ken, you make me laugh! And yes, the eastern side of the Cascades usually gets the drier weather so we get the snow, while the western side (Seattle and environs) gets the rain. After listening to all the stories about flooding in Seattle, I almost thought for a moment that my moving to WA brought the Gulf Coast hurricane wetness with me. Yakima *did* have quite a bit of snow last year (about 37 inches in total).