Withstanding Time And The Elements In Zion National Park

Withstanding Time And The Elements

I may be an SLR gal, but I freely admit that point-and-shoots are great at capturing national park images, too. When I am out in the parks, I always carry one of my two little point-and-shoots in my pocket. They are not only backup in case the photographic unthinkable happens, but they are great at getting macro shots.
This photo of a ponderosa pine growing atop a cross-bedded red-rock knoll (probably a little lithified sand dune) and framed by other trees, was captured with my Canon GX7 MkII. While it’s not the most sturdy of cameras around the lens area (the dainty little shutter blades that made up the “lens cap” and opened and closed when the camera was powered on and off broke off when the camera accidentally fell out of my vest pocket. Thankfully, it still works and I purchased a push-on lens cap to protect the lens.
So, don’t knock the point-and-shoots. They produce some nice little images, too.
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  1. It is somewhat embarrassing that I get faves and comments on many of my iPhone images, while some of DSLR images, which I think are better, might not get any faves or comments. The iPhone camera does not handle high contrast light or dim light well, but maybe I should get a dedicated point and shoot or at least something in between a point and shoot and a large, heavy DSLR. (No I won’t abandon the DSLR, but maybe some day, when it is time to upgrade and I am tired of lugging around all that heavy DSLR equipment, I might go to a smaller system).