A Forest Full Of Busy-ness

Hoh Rain Forest Scenery

While photographing the Hoh Rain Forest, I noticed my compositions were so “busy.” Lifting my eyes away from the viewfinder, I took a really good look at the scenery and realized that the rain forest is, indeed, full of “busy-ness.” There is a riot of tree limbs, branches and trunks, mosses draped over the limbs and carpeting the trunks, ferns and other flora blanketing the ground, and so many shades of greens and browns.

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One response to “A Forest Full Of Busy-ness

  1. I have photographed in the Hoh Rain Foest and agree that it is difficult because it is so busy. I will go as far as calling it chaotic! You did a very nice job taming it down in your image here!