Where Will That Trail Take You?

The Trail Back Up To The Top

The trail back up from Kalaloch Beach 4 in Olympic National Park, Washington

I’ve been a little more prolific than usual, with my writing, and the National Parks Traveler has published another Photography In The National Parks article for this month. This article deals with creating a theme from your national park photos. As you can see from the image above, a favorite theme of mine deals with leading lines made from trails I’ve hiked. To read the article, click on the image above.


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3 responses to “Where Will That Trail Take You?

  1. Hi Rebecca, I thoroughly enjoyed your article and your glorious images. Terrific tips on themes and subjects. I’m happy to say I’ve been to most of the parks you featured, but have many on my wish list like Denali. 🙂

  2. That trail photo is just breathtaking. I love to photograph trails, too, but mine never look as gorgeous!