A Cup Of Sunshine


The tulips are now blooming. Our house only has small patches of them in yellow, red, and the striped orange & gold you see here. I believe they are my favorite flowers, although I do like the colorful calla lilies, too, and fragrant sweet peas. I’m posting this bit of sunshine because I think it’s supposed to be a little overcast today. That’s ok. I finished sweeping up the shop roof yesterday and trimmed the overhanging branches. And don’t worry – I was very careful. I have a slight fear of heights – well, maybe more than slight, since there is no way in hell I would ever hike that last half mile on the Angels Landing Trail in Zion National Park 😉😟🗻

This photo is brought to you by my 100-400mm telephoto lens, then cropped a little more. I used to own a macro lens but realized I didn’t use it much. So, I traded it in for a different lens. And this is a lesson to you in how to get close-up “pseudo-macro” shots using just your telephoto lens on an SLR or telephoto setting on a point-and-shoot camera.

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3 responses to “A Cup Of Sunshine

  1. I like tulips, too; but the are so short lived. The city here has a great bunch of them in a median in the street just outside our housing area. I have a bunch of lilies that I planted for Easter a few years ago. They have multiplied and come back each spring; but they always seem to bloom after Easter. They are just budding now, so I should have good blooms in a few days.

  2. Like you, I seldom use my Macro; but I often have it available, just in case. It is just so specialized that it really makes more sense to use a more versatile zoom as you do for close up shots. I forgot to compliment you on the pretty tulip shot in the previous comment. Very Pretty!

  3. Wonderful colors and detail, Rebecca. I love using a long lens to isolate a subject. You’ve done it beautifully here. PS. You couldn’t pay me to do Angels Landing!