Star Magnolia

Star Magnolia

After a search on Google, I discovered that the spindly, dead-looking “bush” out there that keeps sprouting these long-petaled blooms is called a Star Magnolia! This is certainly not the same kind of magnolia that I used to see blooming in southeast Texas, that’s for sure. I learned there are actually 8 species of magnolia. I might have to go out, now, and take a sniff to see if these blooms are fragrant (and hopefully not trigger any spring allergy).
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2 responses to “Star Magnolia

  1. Becky, those are certainly not the Magnolia flowers that I grew up with. I knew there were a number of types of Magnolias, but I do not recall that one.

  2. Gorgeous! Very different than the classic magnolias in places I’ve lived like SC and CA.