Rainy Days And Thursdays

Hellebore In The Rain

Hellebore in the rain

Standing Tall In The Rain

Standing tall

Ok, not quite the words to the song, but you get my drift. Maybe it should be more like “April showers bring May flowers,” although these flowers are already in bloom and it’s not yet May.

Raindrops on spring flowers are very photogenic, if you don’t mind getting wet to get the shot.

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2 responses to “Rainy Days And Thursdays

  1. Agreed, Becky. Barbara and I went to the Ennis, Texas Bluebonnet Festival a week ago and then drove around part of the local Bluebonnet trails. The crop of wildflowers, mostly Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush, is spectacular this year, due to the cool and rainy spring weather. I picked out several places with the intention of returning at a more appropriate time to make a few photos, but then the weather and/or other things got in the way, so I never got back. I’m guessing the wildflowers are past the peak now, so I’ve missed another good season for wildflower photos here. There are not so many good places to see the wildflowers locally. I have to drive an hour of so to get to the best places for viewing and shooting the flowers in natural settings.

  2. Oh yes, Rebecca. My kind of shot…love the way you’ve captured the falling rain and the droplets. Terrific work.