Hiding And Watching


I told a FB friend of mine that this was what I used my 500mm lens for (in addition to a prop for selfies, grin). I decided to take a drive out to the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge this morning. It’s been raining so much lately that I figured there might be plenty of birdlife out there. I did see quite a few birds, but not the usual suspects. Anyway, as I was slowly wending my way back to the refuge entrance, I noticed something in the road ahead of me go into the bushes. It was pig-sized and I thought it might be a wild pig, except that I noticed a furry, striped tail flicking back and forth as it entered the greenery. So I stopped the car where I saw the wildcat enter the bushes, rolled down the passenger side window and hefted my 11-lb camera/lens combo to capture (yes, handheld) a few shots of this gorgeous creature hiding and peering out from among the leaves. I am tickled with the photos and also rather pleased and proud that my arms are strong enough to get handheld shots with this behemoth lens when the situation calls for it.





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  1. Bobcat? Great clarity, Strong Arms! 🙂