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Hiding And Watching


I told a FB friend of mine that this was what I used my 500mm lens for (in addition to a prop for selfies, grin). I decided to take a drive out to the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge this morning. It’s been raining so much lately that I figured there might be plenty of birdlife out there. I did see quite a few birds, but not the usual suspects. Anyway, as I was slowly wending my way back to the refuge entrance, I noticed something in the road ahead of me go into the bushes. It was pig-sized and I thought it might be a wild pig, except that I noticed a furry, striped tail flicking back and forth as it entered the greenery. So I stopped the car where I saw the wildcat enter the bushes, rolled down the passenger side window and hefted my 11-lb camera/lens combo to capture (yes, handheld) a few shots of this gorgeous creature hiding and peering out from among the leaves. I am tickled with the photos and also rather pleased and proud that my arms are strong enough to get handheld shots with this behemoth lens when the situation calls for it.





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Getting Ready For Red Nose Day!

Red Nose Day Becky

May 26 is Red Nose Day, an annual event designed to help kids living in poverty.  Click on the image for more details.

I won’t kid you.  I first saw the add for this event in Walgreens and thought to myself what a fun photo op it would be, before ever really realizing that for just $1, I’d also be contributing to a good cause.  In 2014, I learned about this rather late and all the red noses at Walgreens had been bought up.  So I bought a red nose from and donated to the Red Nose Day fund.  Last year (2015), I forgot about it because I was dealing with all of the things an Executrix deals with upon the death of my mother.  This year (2016), while visiting a Walgreens in Yakima Washington back in April, I bought the “official” red nose.

In case you were wondering, this photo was taken in my ersatz home “studio” (aka livingroom), with a Canon 5DSR, a Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens at the 70mm focal length, lights and the white umbrellas.  Settings were ISO 250, f6.3, shutter 1/20.  I had to do a little de-saturation of the reds and pinks in the image, and I used a little noise reduction as well.  Both hands held cameras, so I placed the remote shutter release on the floor used my toe to hold down the button.




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Make It A Prime Time In The National Parks

Pitaya Bloom

My latest monthly photography article has been published on the National Parks Traveler site.  Click on the photo to go to the article.



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