Setting Up For The Shot

Setting Up The Scene

I had a good photo session with Rabbit’s Custom Guitars.

I never know what I am going to encounter scene-wise when I go to a home photo session, so I take along such things as continuous lighting (plus stand and umbrella) as well as my flash. I am small in stature so I can’t really carry too much; it’s generally a minimum. For this photo shoot, I used both my Canon 5D Mk II and Canon 1DX. I used the 24-105mm lens on the 5D Mk II and the 85mm f1.2 on the 1DX (I’m out two lenses because of some accidents while in Hawaii). I got duplicate images using flash, no flash, just the light/umbrella, as well as just the ambient lighting to see which images worked best. Space was a huge consideration too. Moral of this story is that you work with whatever you’ve got.


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  1. That is so true,. These days, while doing street photography, i have been experimenting with carrying just one camera. No additional lenses..