Black Skimmer In The Rain

Black Skimmer In The Rain


It’s been dull, gloomy, foggy, chilly and rainy for over a week now.  The sky has been a matte pewter-gray without even the benefit of interesting clouds.  This is more Pacific Northwest weather as opposed to southeast Texas weather.  A little depressing, actually.  Enough to make me want to return to work on Monday…and it’s only Saturday!    Sigh.  I and my cameras are definitely going to travel somewhere next December Christmastime; staying static in Texas is just not me.

C’mon, 2015!  Let’s get to the interesting stuff I have planned for this year!



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2 responses to “Black Skimmer In The Rain

  1. This photo is really nice 🙂 I’m currently holding a photography competition on my blog, check the link for more details:

  2. I’m with you, these skies are driving me crazy and I just may stay in the desert southwest next winter. Oh but wait…. they’ve actually had snow grrrr. Sunny skies are expected tomorrow – Sunday. I think the Aransas Wildlife Refuge is calling my name 🙂