The Road To Somewhere

The Road To The Mountains

Road To The Sunrise

Park Loop Road

Road To The Talkeetna Mts

C2C5747_The Road To Cliff Palace

Road To The Sunrise

I like road shots.  They make for great leading lines to lead the eye toward the main subject:  freedom and what awaits beyond.

On The Road To Castolon

Do you have some of your own road shots?  Where have those roads led you?


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3 responses to “The Road To Somewhere

  1. this is a great post Rebecca! I SO want to hit the road across country again. Someday my time will come, but for now local is good and caring for my sis more important. I am enjoying the journey through you!

    • Thanks, Starlisa! I really should learn to keep my blog posts to fewer words, since it seems people just like looking at the photos moreso than reading the words. My problem is that sometimes I get caught up in the writing. I’m going to try and publish more photo-centric posts (or at least, posts with much fewer words).

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