My Wish For You This 2014

Becky At Sotol Vista

So, yesterday’s short blog was a “Happy New Year” post.  Today’s post is a “what I wish for you (and for me) in 2014” short blog.

I posted this image of me at the Sotol Vista overlook of Big Bend National Park, Texas, because it represents all of the expansiveness of photography that I wish for you as well as myself.

I hope that 2014 brings many photographic possibilities your way.  And I hope that your camera gear is all fresh, ready and repaired (I just received a bill from the Canon Service Center for work on my 1-DX…..a bit of a surprise but I should have expected a pricey repair for a pricey camera – ahem).

I hope you get to travel more, see more exciting lands / people / vistas, capture more weddings / portraits / portfolios / events, or whatever it is that you enjoy photographing the most.

I hope to hear from you out there as to what your photographic aspirations are for this 2014.  Got any trips planned?  Wedding sessions reserved?  Contests to enter? Other photographic resolutions?

To all of you from me: Happy 2014!

Becky At The Window Overlook


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6 responses to “My Wish For You This 2014

  1. Love both pictures and thanks for all the wishes :). My hubby and I are planning a trip to England and Scotland in August, 2014, so my new year will be busy planning and booking, and my camera gear will have an exciting year!! All the best in 2014!

    • How awesome for you! I have traveled to Ireland and only been to London, but if the amazing photo ops in just that incredible city are any indication of what you may expect to find in the rest of England, you will have an amazing time. And Scotland is on my bucket list – it’s another one of those photographer’s photo op paradises.

      • Yes, it’s pretty exciting because my husband has never ever been “across the pond”, and I have only been once, so it will be quite the new experience for us. I got a new 128GB iPad for Christmas, and I’m going to use that to back up my photos to on our trip because I don’t want to have to carry my heavy laptop :).

  2. Great pictures and post. I just started following this blog recently and hope to gain a lot of useful tips.
    Diana Busby

  3. Happy New Year! I am hoping to get down to Big Bend again this spring. I love going there. Here’s to an adventure filled 2014 and lots of beautiful photos!