A Wedding In Galveston – The Ceremony

The Ceremony

The ceremony was to start at 5:30PM.   I left Josh & Maegan’s penthouse suite and hoofed it on down to the Gazebo area to set up, format my memory cards and stuff them in my pockets within handy reach for quick change-outs with the full memory cards. The Officiator introduced himself to me and we chatted a bit before he left to gather together the groom and groomsmen. As the guests took their seats, I photographed the bride’s mother and the groom’s mother and father as they were ushered down the white rose petal-strewn grass aisle.

During this time, a steel drum player performed soft Caribbean music.  Maegan is of Caribbean descent and wanted to focus on her heritage with the music.

Steel Drums and Drummer

At precisely 5:30, the men appeared, stood for a photo, and then proceeded to their stations at the gazebo.

Procession Of The Groom

Next came the bridesmaids,

Ashley Starting The Bridal Procession

then the bride’s daughter,

Bella CROP

and then the bride and her father.

Father & Daughter Procession

Rudy and Maegan

Each stood for just a moment for me to capture a photo before moving on toward the gazebo. Maegan literally glowed with happiness and excitement.

I captured several wide-angle images using the rented Canon 6D and rented Canon 14mm before stationing myself a couple rows away from the front where I kneeled down for the remainder of the ceremony.

The Ceremony

The Ceremony Wide-Angle

I used both the 5D Mk III, the 1-DX, the 24-70mm lens and the 70-200mm lens, alternating between the two. It’s a tricky situation, sometimes. I absolutely don’t want to block anybody’s view, but at the same time, I want to be able to get compositions of the entire wedding for the bride and groom to enjoy afterwards. I may be wrong, but I have a feeling things like this are a bit of a blur for the couple during the actual ceremony and immediately afterwards. It’s not until days later that they really remember their feelings, what was said, and the events leading up to and during the ceremony. I want the photos I take to help bring back those wonderful memories of their special day.

The Ceremony CROP


Every wedding ceremony should be filled not only with love, but with joy and laughter, too.

Handing Josh The Ring

The Kiss

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov!

Newly Wedded

Maegan And Josh

In one of these images, you can see resort guests watching this event from their room balconies.  After the ceremony ended, a number of people staying at the resort walked up to Josh and Maegan to congratulate them and tell them how lovely the wedding looked from their vantage points.

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