Wearing Red Helps!

5059-2_Beckys Little Friend

I’ve been thinking about doing this for quite some time.  While I am usually pretty good on initiative, I’m not so good about remembering to do whatever it was my initiative thought up.  Usually I get the initiative at work, so I’ve totally forgotten by the time I get home (and vice versa).  Mom and I thought all the hummingbirds had moved on, since we had a few cool nights here in southeast Texas, so I was rather annoyed with myself for not following through on my great idea.

It was with great pleasure that –  after coming home from work one recent afternoon – I counted 6 little hummers hovering around Mom’s single feeder she’d left out .  I rushed over to Mom’s and helped her set up three more feeders that same afternoon.  I realized there was still a chance for me to implement my idea the next morning.

So….at about 7:30AM, I put on my red shirt and carried both of my cameras, my tripod, and the long-corded remote release with me over to Mom’s house next door.

My idea worked!

2900_Beckys Little Friend

And I was able to capture more wonderful images of these hummingbirds that are still swarming the feeders.

4041_Eyeing The Interloper 2

5332_Looking Up



In a shameless fit of self-promotion, I want to tell you that I’ve created a 100-page notebook (with photos and blank lined pages for writing) using Blurb.com and I’ve also created  the first in a series of two or three 12-month 2013 calendars using Zazzle.com  – both notebook and calendar use selected hummingbird images from my website.  If you are interested in taking a look, click on either the Blurb link here, or on the image of the Blurb book with the hummingbird that’s on the top left side of this post, or click the Zazzle link here or the image of the hummingbird calendar displayed right beneath the image of the hummingbird notebook, on the top left side of this post.  They make great gifts for yourself , your friends, and your family. Open-mouthed smile


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2 responses to “Wearing Red Helps!

  1. What a clever idea, Rebecca. I do like the ones with you and the hummer–not an onlooker but together. Great!

  2. Inspired and pretty

    Wonderful captures of the little hummingbirds ! They are gone here in Quebec, Canada, they left a month ago for migration and I miss them !
    Wow, that is quite a lens you have on your camera, it must be so heavy !
    Have a great week-end ahead !