La Sal Mountains Viewpoint

I had only 2 full days (plus a half day and a morning) within Arches National Park, Utah, but during those days, one of my favorite spots was a place near the park entrance called the La Sal Mountains Viewpoint.  I’d stop there each day going into and out of the park.  It’s the perfect place for sunrise images.


B5A7086_Last Sunrise Over The La Sals

It’s also the perfect place to get an amazing overview of the La Sal Mountains, The Three Gossips, Sheep Rock, Tower of Babel, The Organ, and some amazing views far beyond of such formations as Balanced Rock.

C2C7905_Landmarks On The Landscape

B5A6854_Morning In The Park

B5A6983_Afternoon At La Sal Mountains Viewpoint

B5A7073_Good Morning Arches ORIG

From this viewpoint, you can see interesting things like the hot air balloon that rose above the rocks each morning I was there.

B5A7180_Sunrise Balloon Ride VERT

This viewpoint is also a lovely place to stop and say good-bye to the park until the next time you visit it.

C2C7899_Becky At La Sal Mountain Viewpoint

I’ve booked my airfaire for a February 2013 trip back to Moab and Arches NP.  If anybody thinks they might be out there during that time, give me a shout;  it would be fun to meet you and enjoy some photographic quality time together.


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10 responses to “La Sal Mountains Viewpoint

  1. Gorgeous! Such a heavenly place, and your photos are beautiful.

  2. Absolutely breathtaking images, Rebecca… such a vast landscape!

    • Thank you Reggie – it is an incredible and immense landscape. What I saw during my 2-1/2 days there was just the tip of the ice burg. I can’t wait to get back and explore more photographic avenues.

      • You take the most amazing landscape photos, Rebecca. The colours are always so striking and bright – do you usually use a tripod with a remote on these shoots, or how do you get the shots so perfect?

  3. There’s some beautiful country out there. You’ve captured some gorgeous sunsets with your landscapes. HOw nice to take a photography vacation. A friend tells me I can use her condo anytime out there on the border of Nevada/Utah. Perhaps I will.

  4. Beautiful pictures, I live in Lake Havasu City, right on the Colorado River and we get BEAUTIFUL sunsets here. Thanks for sharing

  5. Inspired and pretty

    Very beautiful, I love them all ! Your landscape photos are amazing !