Fred Flintstone’s Recliner

C2C8895_Fred Flintstone's Recliner

I don’t know how I missed this the first time, but I was a woman with a mission hiking up to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah.  Coming down from the arch, though, I was much, much slower , and I happened to look over and see this hilarious setup:  someone had taken the nearby rocks and created a recliner chair, complete with foot stool, a “glass” on one chair arm and a “tv remote” on the other chair arm.  I decided I needed to try it out.  I believe I like the modern recliner much better than the Stone Age recliner Winking smile

C2C8898_Becky Relaxing2

C2C8897_Becky Relaxing1


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4 responses to “Fred Flintstone’s Recliner

  1. That’s hilarious!! I can hear Fred now – “Willllllmmmmmmaaaaa, I’m hungry!!'” LOL Great post!

  2. Oh, that is brilliant! Personally, I’d like a soft pillow under my bum, but this looks pretty cosy! What is the view like from there, Rebecca? What did you see when you were sitting on the recliner?

    • Let’s see, I’m trying to remember. I mainly saw in front of me the valley walls off in the distance, plus some mounds of what looked like tailings along the trail. There is a blue-green mineral there and I can’t figure out yet what it is. I’ve got to look it up. I tried asking one of my old geology professors who frequents the area on an annual basis, but he’s color blind and couldn’t tell me what the mineral/rock was since he’s never seen anything blue-green out there (even though it’s plain as day to see it). Sigh. I took a number of photos during my hike up to Delicate Arch that I need to edit. I took the photos to use for a future blog post about my hike to that amazing formation, so stay tuned.

      • That sounds like an interesting sight! I hope you (your prof) can manage to identify the mineral sometime. I look forward to your follow-up post.