Lizard Head…

….Peak and Pass.

I’ve been uploading more Colorado photos to my Rebecca Latson Photography website (which I’ve re-vamped, by the way), and I realized it’s been a week since I last posted a photo to my blog site.  Been too busy working on the website, I guess.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos taken during my 2011 trip to Colorado.

This is the vista seen along Lizard Head Pass.  After seeing these red-tinged mountains on various Flickr images, I decided I wanted to see and photograph these mountains myself.  If you are traveling the area, you too can see this exact spot by taking Hwy 145 south from Telluride.  You’ll pass Trout Lake on your left.   Further up is a turnout to a historical placard/sign on your right.  Across the highway is another, much larger gravel turnout where I parked to set up the tripod for this image.

0749_Lizard Head Pass Vista

Lizard Head Peak (I don’t see any semblance of a lizard in this mountain at all, I’m afraid).

0774-2_Lizard Head Peak

My mind fails me (no big news there), and I can’t remember if the stop for Lizard Head Peak is before or after the Lizard Head Pass turnout described above.  To get to this particular view, you must turn to the right and drive a very short gravel road to a gravel parking lot which is the starting point for a number of trail heads.

I’ll be returning to Colorado in about 3 weeks for a 5-day stay in Mesa Verde National Park, then driving on to Utah to spend a few days in Arches National Park.  These 2011 photos are whetting my photographic appetite!

Open-mouthed smile

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