Figs In A Box

Figs in a boxSome 10 years ago, my parents planted a fig tree in their back yard. They thought it was going to be a small tree, but it’s pretty darned big. When the tree first began producing, it would only put out maybe three or four figs, all of which would be pecked by the birds. Neither Mom nor Dad thought the tree would ever produce much more, which was a shame since Dad *loved* figs. Now – two years after Dad’s passing away – the tree is prolific with these little figs. And no birds are pecking them at all (Mom thinks because of this thing Dad put up that scares away the birds). I’m here to tell you this year’s batch of figs are yummy!

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  1. My parents, in Florida, also have a fig tree that has fruit that look like your Box of Figs. I am currently awaiting mine . . .