Clouds Add A Lot To A Photograph

I hear it all the time from other photographers:  they hate shooting landscape images on a clear, cloudless, blue-sky day because it’s so “boring”.   I personally don’t “hate” cloudless days, but I often agree with other photographers about the “boring” part.

Of course you can get stunning photos of landscapes on a clear, cloudless day.   You’ll get no argument from me on that point.


8929_Mt Rainier

3471_Purple Mountain Majesty

0639_Maroon Bells Morning

9966_A Stand of Aspen CROP

7018_London Eye Pods

But, you can get equally-stunning photos on a cloudy day.  Clouds add drama, interest, and texture.  They turn a great image into a fantastic image, and are a necessary ingredient to jazz up what might otherwise be a good, but ho-hum photo.



3731_REV_ tonemapped


94C0465-2_Morning Ferry Run PANO


7132_London Eye

8205_Sheep and Countryside_tonemapped

Don’t wait for a clear day to take pictures.  Go cloud chasing!  See what kind of images you capture.

7242_Dunluce Castle_REV_8-17-11_tonemapped


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7 responses to “Clouds Add A Lot To A Photograph

  1. Your photos are incredible beautiful.

  2. Rebecca, I really like you landscapes. They have a wonderful, vibrant color.

  3. Fantastic series of photos–cloudless or otherwise! I think it depends on what you are shooting.

  4. Magnificent images, Rebecca – Although I think the clear blue sky is stunning, the clouds definitely add more texture and movement to the images.

  5. Very beautiful colors Rebecca! Nice!