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Clouds Add A Lot To A Photograph

I hear it all the time from other photographers:  they hate shooting landscape images on a clear, cloudless, blue-sky day because it’s so “boring”.   I personally don’t “hate” cloudless days, but I often agree with other photographers about the “boring” part.

Of course you can get stunning photos of landscapes on a clear, cloudless day.   You’ll get no argument from me on that point.


8929_Mt Rainier

3471_Purple Mountain Majesty

0639_Maroon Bells Morning

9966_A Stand of Aspen CROP

7018_London Eye Pods

But, you can get equally-stunning photos on a cloudy day.  Clouds add drama, interest, and texture.  They turn a great image into a fantastic image, and are a necessary ingredient to jazz up what might otherwise be a good, but ho-hum photo.



3731_REV_ tonemapped


94C0465-2_Morning Ferry Run PANO


7132_London Eye

8205_Sheep and Countryside_tonemapped

Don’t wait for a clear day to take pictures.  Go cloud chasing!  See what kind of images you capture.

7242_Dunluce Castle_REV_8-17-11_tonemapped


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Saturday Evening on Big Slough

Evening At Big Slough

Today (Saturday), I won’t be going outside for any photography. It’s a typical hot, hazy blue-white sky with no clouds (clouds make for interesting images and I may have to post a blog about that).

Instead, I will be cooking (lots). I save my weekends for bulk cooking, the results of which I then package up and put in the fridge for the coming work week’s lunches. I’ll also be picking up my spare bedroom and uploading more photos to the U.S. Copyright Office.

So, I must content myself this weekend with images such as this one, taken on a Saturday evening during the 2012 Memorial Day weekend overlooking the body of water called Big Slough (pronounced “slew”) at the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge.

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