Morning Vs. Evening: The Changes To An Image

In my previous post about the Brazoria NWR, all of the photos  in that post were taken during the morning hours of 9:30AM and after.   The very next evening, the weather, sky, and clouds were perfect; I just had to return to the NWR for some evening images.  I used the same camera (Canon 5D Mk II) and the same two lenses (70-200mm and 16-35mm).  I tried to take photos of the same (or almost the same) locations as were taken during my morning shoot.  See what a difference the time of day, lighting, clouds, and weather can make to change the looks of the same image location.


7638_Big Slough View REV


7640_Evening on Big Slough




7666-2_Evening At Olney Pond


7635_Big Slough View2


7651_Evening On Big Slough


7675_TX Wetland


7689_TX Wetland Evening


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4 responses to “Morning Vs. Evening: The Changes To An Image

  1. That was fascinating! What an insightful experiment!

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Great photos – I really like how the reflections and ripples in the water really add to the vibrant feel of each shot. Was it hard to get into a good position to take some of those photos?

    • I’ve never had any problems trying to find a decent position to capture a photo – not yet, anyway. I’ve had to maybe stretch a little, or push a branch or two out of my way in order to get a clear view of the shot, but I’ve never had to climb up or down anywhere dangerous to life and limb, nor have I had to go through unusual contortions. I know some photographers risk life and limb for a shot, but I’m relatively cautious about things, because I know my physical limits.

  3. Great clean shots you have taken!!

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