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Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy

Mommy Reading To Becky

I published a post honoring my father on Veteran’s Day, so in this post, I want to honor my mother on Mother’s Day.

I was what one person called “a mid-life surprise”.  Mom and Dad had two daughters already, and although they tried for one more  child, nothing happened, and the doctor told Mom to be happy with the two children she already had.  Fourteen years later, when Mom turned 36:  surprise!


Mom and Dad were high school sweethearts who married while Dad was serving in the army during WW II.  During that time, she stayed with Dad’s mother (Granny) and Granny would take photos of  Mom to send to Dad.

Bicycling Mom

Moms Sexy Lingerie

During my years growing up, the family went through some difficult times, but Mom was always there to make things better.  Mom has always been an optimist.  Not the rose-colored-glasses kind of optimist, but more the practical kind of optimist.  I like to think I inherited my positive outlook from her.  Mom could always make me feel better back then and still does today, at 87 years of age.  Mom is the glue that binds our family together.

After Babys Bath

Love you, Mom! Red heart

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Check Out My New Blog Site

I like writing almost as much as I like photography.  However, there are things about which I wish to write that may not necessarily be photography-related (even though I will always have a photo to accompany my writings), and many of you interested only in the photography part may not be as interested in the writing part.  So, I’ve created a new blog site here on WordPress:  www.musingsthoughtsrantsraves.wordpress.com (Musings, Thoughts, Rants, Raves) to encompass my not-so-photographically-related writings, opinions, musings, thoughts, rants, and raves.

Of course I will still be posting to this site.  It’s my baby!  But, now I have a writing site as well, and if you thought you knew me, then go to that other site and really get to know me. Winking smile

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