Holy Anole! Brilliant Green!

I was walking toward the back door of my apartment, tired and grumpy as usual from my day at work and the long commute home, when I caught a brilliant flash of bright green from the corner of my eye.  I looked toward my window and saw a beautiful brilliant green lizard called an Anole  against the glass.  These little reptiles are abundant all through my part of southeast Texas; I see lots of them in my mother’s backyard.

I stood there staring at it, and when the little guy didn’t move, I thought to myself: photo op!  So I fumbled around for my keys, unlocked the door and carefully entered making sure the door didn’t slam and scare away the anole.  I grabbed my camera, turned it on, made sure a flashcard was installed, then went back outside.  Pointed the camera toward the lizard…..took the lens cap off then pointed the  camera at the lizard again, and fired off a number of shots.  The anole was very obliging, bless its heart.

1769_Little Green Lizard ORIG

1781_Little Green Lizard ORIG

1781-4_Little Green Lizard

1781-5_Little Green Lizard 67Pct Crop


1791-2_On The Bricks

1791-3_On Bricks CROP

I used my all-purpose 24-105mm lens, and although it is not a macro, it did a nice job with the close-ups, and my full-frame Canon allowed for some decent resolution after the crops.


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6 responses to “Holy Anole! Brilliant Green!

  1. Wow, such vivid and piercing color! Beautiful photos! (I am a WordPress photographer as well) Great job!

  2. Being green gets a new meaning with this fellow.
    The first one and the fifth one are my favorites this time.

  3. These are great photos. Awesome to be able to capture this one on film. My kids loved him! Thanks!

  4. oh my goodness! I love the shapes he makes… and those close ups are mighty fine! gorgeous end to the day guaranteed to get you over being tired and grouchy…

  5. Dominique

    Hello, do those green lizards cry, sing, or hum at night? I live in north Texas and a group of “something” are singing every night. They sound sooo cute. They have pretty voice. I want to find out what they are but I can’t see them because they come out only at night.

    • No, the lizards don’t make any noise. Probably what you are hearing are little frogs. Maybe tree frogs or what we call rain frogs (we really hear them after it’s just rained). I hear alot of them at night. You might also be hearing crickets.