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Holy Anole! Brilliant Green!

I was walking toward the back door of my apartment, tired and grumpy as usual from my day at work and the long commute home, when I caught a brilliant flash of bright green from the corner of my eye.  I looked toward my window and saw a beautiful brilliant green lizard called an Anole  against the glass.  These little reptiles are abundant all through my part of southeast Texas; I see lots of them in my mother’s backyard.

I stood there staring at it, and when the little guy didn’t move, I thought to myself: photo op!  So I fumbled around for my keys, unlocked the door and carefully entered making sure the door didn’t slam and scare away the anole.  I grabbed my camera, turned it on, made sure a flashcard was installed, then went back outside.  Pointed the camera toward the lizard…..took the lens cap off then pointed the  camera at the lizard again, and fired off a number of shots.  The anole was very obliging, bless its heart.

1769_Little Green Lizard ORIG

1781_Little Green Lizard ORIG

1781-4_Little Green Lizard

1781-5_Little Green Lizard 67Pct Crop


1791-2_On The Bricks

1791-3_On Bricks CROP

I used my all-purpose 24-105mm lens, and although it is not a macro, it did a nice job with the close-ups, and my full-frame Canon allowed for some decent resolution after the crops.


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