As I was driving down the alley toward my apartment complex carport, I happened to look down to the side of the drive and spotted a tall stand of mushrooms.  Photo op!

0649_Clump of Mushrooms

0653_Clump of Shrooms


0692_Focus On One

0624-2_Huddled Together

0636-2_Curled Edges CROP

0616_Huddled Together ORIG

0616-2_Huddled Together

0644_Standing Out In The Crowd

0644-2_Little Shroom CROP


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6 responses to “‘Shrooms

  1. Rob Slaven

    oh sweet! I love shrooms… and not just on pizza. 🙂

  2. sweet shots of the inky caps! I thought shaggy mane at first but they don;t have the shaggy surface… very beautifully taken series of the life span

  3. Love, love, love these! They look like a tiny little fairy village.

  4. Good eye…and great shots!!!