Family Portraits (Through The Years)

My father was a photographer when we lived in Montana (actually, he had always been a photographer, but the scenery of Montana really brought out his talent).  He specialized in black & white landscapes and shot portraits of our family and other families (and got paid for it).  He occasionally sold images to the local newspaper.  He turned one of the rooms in the basement of our Montana home into a darkroom and put his Mamiya twin lens reflex camera to wonderful use.

Love of photography is genetic in our family, and I inherited my love of the medium from him.  Our homes were always filled with framed landscape and family images.  My home is filled with photographs, as is my sister’s home; framed images on every wall and every flat space (tables, mantles, bookcases, desks, windowsills).  My sister, mother, and I are so very thankful Dad took alot of pictures while we were growing up, because it’s wonderful to be able to look at a photograph and go back in time to that one particular moment.  I may forget what I had for breakfast the day before, but I remember what was going on when I look at old photographs of me (well, ok, I don’t remember what was going on in my baby and toddler photos, but Mom fills me in on the details).

I don’t recall what exactly I was looking for as I perused the box of photo CDs and DVDs, but I pulled out a large number of old family photos I’d scanned from negatives and prints.  All taken by Dad, and all pretty cute.

These two are “pre-Becky”

I’m in this photo – you just can’t see me 😉

See?  I actually am was a real blonde (once)

Yes, I went through a red-hair phase; it worked well during my Renfaire days.

Did your family take alot of pictures?  Do you take alot of pictures of your family?  If you don’t, then you should; your family (and their families) will appreciate it.

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  1. Cowboy

    Great family photos, and I’m sure many fond memories !