A Newbie’s Hello to the Blogging World

I’ll be honest:  this intro of myself is pretty much the same thing you would see if you looked at my profile, with a few changes here and there.  I was born in Montana near Glacier National Park in 1961.  I’ve lived in Seattle for 10 years,  Kentucky for about 15 years, picked up my MS degree in Geology in NE Louisiana, and now work in Houston TX for an oil & gas company.

At the risk of offending some readers, I gotta say that Texas and Houston are *definitely* not my first choices of where to live, but the job and an aging parent require I stay here for the time being; I definitely plan on moving back out west to The Mountains before I die….I hope….

I’m an avid photographer – have been since high school eons ago.  Although I have a day job, I *suppose* one could call me a semi-professional since I’ve made a teeny bit of money on a family photo shoot and a wedding reception.  If someone asks me if I am a professional photographer, I ask them to qualify:  if they mean do I make my living from being a photographer, then no, I am not a professional photographer.  If they mean are my photos on a professional level in terms of quality, then YES, I am a professional.  I just call myself a damned good photographer and leave it for the rest to judge.  Photography is a subjective art; what one person thinks is a masterpiece, another may think is total junk.

I got the photography bug from my father, who – in his day – produced Ansel Adams-like photos of Montana using his Mamiya twin lens camera.  My first digital camera was a 2MP point-and-shoot purchased at the local Wal-Mart back in 1998.  Since then, I have never looked back to film.

I’ve done a bit of traveling in my 50 years.  Montana, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas, Canada, Ireland, London.  I hope to do even more traveling before all is said and done, with camera in hand.

I have my own website now and I plan on linking this blog to it: www.rebeccalatsonphotography.com  If you are interested in seeing my photo galleries and perhaps even purchasing a print or two, check it out.

I want to use this blog as a place to write about my photo experiences, the places I have traveled, the equipment I used and how I used it, and my thoughts on these experiences. I may include a post now and then of just how I feel, what my day was like, something I learned, etc – more than the 422 characters allowed by Facebook, but not necessarily photography-related.  I know – this will be just another of the gazillion photographer blogs out there – but I enjoy writing, I like to teach others what I love, and I hope you readers will feel comfortable enough with me to ask questions as well as take what I have learned and apply it to your own photographic style.  I may not always know the photography tech-speak, but I think I’m a good enough writer to convey any process/equipment type/thought in an understandable format.

So thanks for checking me out 😉 and welcome to my blog!

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